Contest Rules :: Международные соревнования по радиосвязи на КВ на кубок Ю.А.Гагарина
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Contest Rules

The Yuri Gagarin International DX Contest 2022

The contest is dedicated to the memory of Yuri Gagarin, who realized the first human flight to space, on April 12, 1961.


1. Date: from 21.00 UTC on April 09 till 20.59 UTC on April 10, 2022.

Stations of categories A, B, D, E and F may operate 20 of the 24 hours.

Off times must be a minimum of 60 minutes during which no QSO is logged.

2. Bands: 1.8, 3.5, 7.0, 14, 21, 28 MHz and radio amateur satellites.

3. Modes: CW only.

4. Contest Call: CQ GC (CQ Gagarin Cup).

5. Categories:

  • A Single operator - Single band. Satellite QSOs are set off as on a separate band.
  • B Single operator - Multi bands.
  • C Multi operators - Multi bands, single transmitter.
  • D SWL - Multi bands.
  • E Single operator - Multi bands, low power.
  • F Single operator - Singleband, low power.
  • SAT Single operator - Satellite QSOs.
  • SAT-GS Single operator - Geostationary Satellite QSOs.

During the contest:

All multi-band categories may also utilize radio amateur satellites. These QSOs are counted as an additional band.

The points and multipliers for the QSOs through geostationary satellite are counted only in group SAT-GS. Band plan for QO-100: 

Uplink area     2400.370 – 2400.490 MHz
Downlink area   10489.870 – 10489.990 MHz 

Category C must remain on the same HF band for at least 5 minutes after the first QSO has been made.

Categories A, B, C, E, F can make only one QSO with the same station on that band and for category SAT alsoonly one QSO with the same stationon an orbit of the satellite. Only one signal on a band is allowed at any time. The simultaneous satellite QSOs for categories C is authorized.

6. Exchange: RST and ITU zone number.

7. QSO points:

  • QSO with own (P-150-C) country count - 2 points.
  • QSO with a different (P-150-C) country in the same continent - 3 points.
  • QSO with a different continent - 4 points.
  • Satellite QSO - 25 points.

QSO points on:

  • 1.8 MHz and 3.5MHz multiplied by 3;
  • 7 MHz multiplied by 2;
  • 14, 21 and 28 MHz multiplied by 1.

For SWL:

  • Complete logging of one station only the callsign of the second station count 1 point.
  • Complete logging of both sides of a QSO - 3 points.
  • The same callsign may be logged only 1
  • time on each band.

8. Multipliers: Each different ITU zone worked on each band gives 1 point for multiplier. SWLs have no multipliers.

9. Final score: The total number of QSO points on all bands times the total number of multipliers worked on all bands.

10. Awards: The Special trophy will be awarded to the winner in the B, C, E categories.

Different kind of medals will be awarded to the world's top three scoring stations in the A, B, C, E, SAT, SAT-GS categories.

Certificates will be awarded to top three and each country's winner in each category.

Certificates will be awarded to all the Contest participants who log not less than 250 QSOs or 250 SWLs.

11. Logs:

Electronic logs are to be sent via e-mail as the enclosure to the letter. File format - text of the operator's contest program but Cabrillo format will be much appreciated.

In the field "subject" of your e-mail letter it is necessary to mention your callsign and category (for example - RA3AAA B). In the text of the letter it is necessary to show your final score calculation, rig and antennas data, as well as your comments and wishes.

For example:

OFFTIME: 2022-04-09 2100 2022-04-09 2159
OFFTIME: 2022-04-10 1800 2022-04-10 2059

E-mail address: ua3rf(at)ya(dot)ru


The final date of logs sending - May 05, 2022.

The results of Gagarin Cup are to the and

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